hope- then and now


Hope. It’s a word we see a lot of during the season of advent. And in the advent studies I am reading and journaling through, it has been a theme woven throughout the lessons.

Hope. It almost seems kind of simple, really. We have this magnificent story we read every Christmas about the miracle of the birth of Jesus. He is Almighty, Wonderful, Everlasting, the Prince of Peace… of course I want my hope in a promise that encompasses all of what He is!

But this season, I keep thinking about Mary. I think about what hope meant to her. We have the story written out for us… we know how it all played out. We find our hope there. But Mary? She didn’t have the convenience of knowing how it would all work out. She simply had faith. She believed. And her hope… her feeling of expectation… her feeling of TRUST… that was the anchor.

I read this morning in this devotional above how we are made to be ambassadors of hope…. His ambassadors of hope. I think about Mary and it almost feels like a torch that gets passed along to each and every one of us. We have this incredible example of hope that we can follow… that we can learn from. Every single day, in big ways or small we have a chance to live out that expecatation, that trust.

So, what am I doing with my turn, with my time? It certainly isn’t as big as Mary’s role, but every piece to God’s story does matter. And it is a priveledge that He chooses us to be a part.

Dear God, thank you for Mary, for her strength to find hope in the midst of the miracle, and help me to do my part in living out hope right where you’ve planted me in your story. Amen.❤#10000dailysteps