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chapter 2


Chapter 2… it’s what I’m on in my #amilewidebook. I’m not finding nearly the amount of time I want to devote to getting this book read, but that’s okay. I think perhaps God is being intentional with me to soak it in slowly.


Along side this book reading is a sermon series I’m hearing our pastor preach about: mission and restoring God’s creation. The Bible’s true story, from start to finish, tells us that His mission is to rescue His creation and restore it to its original form. I got to thinking how yes, this is for the world and it’s people, but when you think about it, it’s for our bodies as well.

I think most of you who I have connected with would agree that we are working day to day to become healthier and stronger…. Restoration of our physical selves to a place God truly intended from the beginning. We want to move and be active and feed ourselves foods that our bodies were meant to thrive on and be nourished by.

But why? Why do we seek to feel better and live well? Getting healthy physically is our Chapter 1. So, what’s our chapter 2? I believe we should seek health to feel better and well enough to serve our world. To serve others. To serve Him.


Chapter 2 in A Mile Wide is called “A Bigger Gospel”. Yes! We get healthy to then live beyond just serving ourselves… to live bigger! We live our chapter 1 to feel good so that in our chapter 2 we can serve more and add joy and goodness into the world. His world. His creation.  We should live at our best to give at our fullest

Chapter 2 is where we can do our part to start helping Him restore. Chapter 2… what’s mine? Honestly I’m still seeking clarity on the direction I feel God is stirring in me and I’ll keep you posted through this blog here. Chapter 2 is the beginning of the rest of the story. My story. Your story. It’s important. It’s where we meet others. It’s where God can really start using us.

Chapter 2… I’m seeking how mine will be written. What does it say for you?❤️