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sacred space

Space. It can be a pretty sacred thing when you are intentional about it. It can be an actual thing… an area that is free or unoccupied. And it can be something you do or create… positioning things or items with distance from one another.

I’ve learned that I really like the spaces in my life. I like the spaces that are my favorite places to be. I like when my people are in those places with me. And, I like it when I get to move things around to create space between places where it’s needed… between me and just the stuff of my day to day.

This past weekend I attended a retreat and was able to experience space in a beautiful way. I was able to create that distance from my everyday and spend time in a quiet, serene part of our beautiful state.


Very much like an artist steps back from a painting to really see it as a whole, my weekend away let me step back from regular routines and habits and see my every day from a greater distance.

When an artists steps back- they can see the parts of the painting that make up the whole. They can see where paint has been brushed on too thick. They can see where things are spread too thin. They see the places of distortion and when the scale of one thing to another is off. They can see where colors overlap, blending well or looking peaked . Artists take a step back and can see if the picture works by how it all fits together.

My weekend away helped me take a step back and view my everyday like an artist would… things and habits that are a little too thick… places I’m spread a bit too thin… where certain colors add beauty to the overall picture and where some colors look bland and even stressed. I see where depth exists… I see where things are lacking … and I see where the proportion of areas of my life are not equal. From further away, I can see how it all is fitting together and I find the places I can work on to beautify the overall picture.


Sacred space. I’m so thankful for having it this past weekend. I’ve taken a look at the parts that make up the whole. Now it’s time to embrace those places of my day to day and continue painting.❤🎨

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coffee shop conversation

What do you see when you look at this photo? A coffee shop? A table and chairs? Space?



This is a little spot in a local
Starbucks that I visit regularly.

And this little spot I notice often.

Years ago, before the days of iPhone cameras in our back pocket, I saw a grandpa and his little granddaughter in this exact place… I saw them enjoying their drinks and just hanging out. And I boldly walked over and told them that I SO wished I had my big camera with me so I could have snapped their photo. It was just SUCH a sweet moment between two people!

Now, every time I see this spot, I think of them. Since then, I have seen others enjoying time together at this same table. Conversations. Phone calls. Moms chatting with babies in strollers.

So last week, while waiting on my nonfat mocha, I had the presence of mind to grab that phone in my back pocket, and snap a quick pic of my sweet memory of a grandpa and his granddaughter simply enjoying each other’s company .

And today, when I see this photo, I am feeling something that has been stirring in my heart since a very wise and faithful person recently made the comment to me: we are supposed to live in relationship with others.

Relationship. It’s a huge piece to our overall well being. Quality time with others, genuine conversations in the good and the hard times, guidance from mentors, advice for those seeking, REAL WORDS. They all matter.

I am right in the middle of a bible study and am learning better how to discern God’s voice. He no doubt is reminding me about the importance of relationships in life. I see this photo and it’s a great prompt for me…. who can I invite for coffee? Who do I keep thinking about that I can reach out and text? To start a conversation with? What friend should I invite to join me in bible study or go to lunch and catch up?

I am SO guilty of retreating. As life gets busy and full, I tend to just spend my time alone. And don’t get me wrong, there IS a time and place for alone! But not at the expense of authentic relationships. And I think I sometimes let this happen. This coffee shop moment, I feel, is God telling me to listen to the words of my wise friend…. to remember the early morning coffee date between family, and to pursue authentic friendships and conversations with others. Invite them in. Lean in. And let God work in His ways.

Do you have a friend on your mind? Do you have a person you can reach out to invite in? Let’s all pursue that and live in relationship together. Genuine, authentic, meaningful relationship. It’s always worth the effort.❤

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cold front clean up



I spent pretty much the whole day working outside. After not feeling great, the fresh air and beautiful weather were a nice change from being cooped up inside. So I worked a little, stopped when I needed to, then worked some more.

Our flower beds needed SO much attention. They bloom and flourish all summer and fall, then we get a cold snap so they sit tight for a bit, then bloom and flourish again when it warms up (because in Houston it ALWAYS warms up😜), then a freeze happens and freaks the plants out and lots of it turns brown and gross. Then, it warms up again and feels like things should bloom and flourish, but all the dead brown stuff now seems glaringly ugly. It felt really good to cut things back and clean things out and pull away all the dead, yucky stuff.

This is so life right?? Things are rocking and rolling along, growing full and lucious… then we hit a brief spell, cold snap if you will, and we just sorta sit tight until it passes. When it warms back up… when things go back to that familiar place…. we go back to blooming and growing fuller and fuller. Then a big something happens, just like the freeze, and it stops us right there in that moment. All that fullness and fluff can get worn down, and we need to clear it out to make room for the bare bones of what we build our life own.

For me, that is God’s truth and those people in my life I love.

As much as I wish for cold weather this time of year, today I’m thankful for the cold snaps and warm ups, for the dead leaves and branches that clutter the ground, and for the lesson that cleaning out the yuck can be good for the soul.

80 degrees in January? Okay, God… I’m listening…❤


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words matter

I was wide awake in the middle of the night with a restless puppy. If I get woken up like that, I’m up, at least for a good hour or two. #frustrating. So, I did a little Pinterest searching. Better than Amazon prime shopping, right?!😜.

I came across this great article about positive/negative words and how they affect plant growth. This experiment is not new- it has been around for a while and is a great illustration showing how words matter. How we speak to others matters!


In the blog post I read, the author explained how the plant on the right was talked to with positive, loving, encouraging speech. In fact the container was even covered with positive words written out on it. On the left, the negative. Put-downs, hate, discouraging speech was spoken to it and negative written words covered the container. And you probably guessed how it turned out.

Our loving, good, positive words bring life to others. They build up and contribute to a life of thriving. And when we choose words that tear down? It’s stifles. It can make others feel weak. It takes life out of them.

This past week we have probably all witnessed this. It’s been a tumultuous week of feelings  swinging vastly on the pendulum of emotions. One simple click of “post”, “send”, “tweet” has brought forth words of all kinds. Words that encouraged, words that offended. Words that showed grace, words that ripped apart.  Words that left a sting.  Words that extended a branch.  Words that affected.

BUT… we often reflect outwardly what we struggle with inwardly. At least I do.

I had never considered this illustration with how I speak TO MYSELF.  I can be so guilty of this. I get in a routine and I do good with my healthy choices, my time management, my effort in relationships. And when I do, I feel good about myself. I speak nicely to myself. My inner voice is all rainbows and unicorns.🌈🦄  And I tend to approach things with that same attitude

But when any of those efforts slide? When I splurge on bad foods, skip the workout, spew forth a thought without thinking, or put minimal effort into my marriage or parenting when I know better?  I don’t cut myself much slack. I don’t extend myself much grace. And the negativity begins. My inner self-talk becomes putting myself down. I find fault with everything I do. The rainbows turn to clouds and unicorns to something more like angry birds. 🐤😡🐦 And I begin feeling a little like this withering plant. A little more lifeless, a little more crumbly.  And that is how I find myself living my day to day- with a negative vibe in things I say and do.

We, of course, need to pay attention to how we speak to others and always seek to speak words that bring life.  Words that show respect. Words that don’t intend harm. But… we often need to get to that place by first looking in.

Have you paid attention to how you speak to yourself? Being content on the inside means there’s a greater chance you will spread that joy and good feeling to others on the outside. As you try to be healthier, help others, and live better, are you considering your self-talk? It matters! When you stumble, remember… Be kind to you. Show grace to you. Love you! Be intentional about this. Practice this. Live this. The picture illustrates so well how you’ll grow and thrive when you do. And when you get your heart feeling good on the inside, it’s becomes so much easier to spread that encouragement outwardly.❤

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winter bleak


img_0252Stark, bare, utter, complete
It’s what I see in the winter bleak

Simplicity… He alone in us
No extra fluff, no extra fuss

This morning’s hues of purple and pink
Are a bonus gift, like a nod or wink

Or really, it’s like a big, warm hug
Reminding us of His royal love

This season speaks straight to my heart
Of Him always in us- never apart💜

Thank you, God, for the gift of these skies this morning!



hope- then and now


Hope. It’s a word we see a lot of during the season of advent. And in the advent studies I am reading and journaling through, it has been a theme woven throughout the lessons.

Hope. It almost seems kind of simple, really. We have this magnificent story we read every Christmas about the miracle of the birth of Jesus. He is Almighty, Wonderful, Everlasting, the Prince of Peace… of course I want my hope in a promise that encompasses all of what He is!

But this season, I keep thinking about Mary. I think about what hope meant to her. We have the story written out for us… we know how it all played out. We find our hope there. But Mary? She didn’t have the convenience of knowing how it would all work out. She simply had faith. She believed. And her hope… her feeling of expectation… her feeling of TRUST… that was the anchor.

I read this morning in this devotional above how we are made to be ambassadors of hope…. His ambassadors of hope. I think about Mary and it almost feels like a torch that gets passed along to each and every one of us. We have this incredible example of hope that we can follow… that we can learn from. Every single day, in big ways or small we have a chance to live out that expecatation, that trust.

So, what am I doing with my turn, with my time? It certainly isn’t as big as Mary’s role, but every piece to God’s story does matter. And it is a priveledge that He chooses us to be a part.

Dear God, thank you for Mary, for her strength to find hope in the midst of the miracle, and help me to do my part in living out hope right where you’ve planted me in your story. Amen.❤#10000dailysteps

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cloudy day light


Cloudy morning, rain’s on it way
A day of soggy, wind, and gray
But just inside it’s rather bright
By the fragrant tree and the Christmas lights
It’s my favorite time to seek His ways
It’s my favorite place to start my day
But… the light isn’t coming just from the tree
His words illuminate truth for me
Shining so much brighter than the gloomiest of days
And pointing me towards the one true way❤️ #10000dailysteps