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sacred space

Space. It can be a pretty sacred thing when you are intentional about it. It can be an actual thing… an area that is free or unoccupied. And it can be something you do or create… positioning things or items with distance from one another.

I’ve learned that I really like the spaces in my life. I like the spaces that are my favorite places to be. I like when my people are in those places with me. And, I like it when I get to move things around to create space between places where it’s needed… between me and just the stuff of my day to day.

This past weekend I attended a retreat and was able to experience space in a beautiful way. I was able to create that distance from my everyday and spend time in a quiet, serene part of our beautiful state.


Very much like an artist steps back from a painting to really see it as a whole, my weekend away let me step back from regular routines and habits and see my every day from a greater distance.

When an artists steps back- they can see the parts of the painting that make up the whole. They can see where paint has been brushed on too thick. They can see where things are spread too thin. They see the places of distortion and when the scale of one thing to another is off. They can see where colors overlap, blending well or looking peaked . Artists take a step back and can see if the picture works by how it all fits together.

My weekend away helped me take a step back and view my everyday like an artist would… things and habits that are a little too thick… places I’m spread a bit too thin… where certain colors add beauty to the overall picture and where some colors look bland and even stressed. I see where depth exists… I see where things are lacking … and I see where the proportion of areas of my life are not equal. From further away, I can see how it all is fitting together and I find the places I can work on to beautify the overall picture.


Sacred space. I’m so thankful for having it this past weekend. I’ve taken a look at the parts that make up the whole. Now it’s time to embrace those places of my day to day and continue painting.❤🎨

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