stones that are alive- wait, what?

1 Peter 2:5…”you also like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”  As I finished up my last day of James, a 7 week bible study I took part in, I lingered around on this verse: sometimes it just takes me a little longer to soak in certain scripture. I kept going back to the words… “we are living stones… being built into a spiritual house…”


I really had to think on this and what it meant.  I started to imagine a stone home where every single part of that structure is made of stone- floors, walls, stairs, pillars. Every stone is unique, cut and shaped to fit where it works best, where it fits in with others to make the overall design and function of the home work. Each stone fits together to make the whole, well, whole.


I thought back to the verses in Peter, reading how we are like living stones. How we, as believers and followers of Christ, are all so unique and different from one another. We are all shaped and designed individually by God for His purposes. We all fit together and are using our lives… our talents… and are building His spiritual house, where we each serve and do the job we are designed to do.  So, in reading 1 Peter 2:5 again, am I doing my part? Am I living for the purpose He designed me for? I had a sinking feeling. If I am not, then what happens to that pretty house I envisioned? If my stone was missing, how stable is that part of the house? What if it’s not just me? What if several of us are not living out His plan for our lives?


Imagine what would happen to the stone house if several of those stones were missing.  If you took just the right few out of the wall, it could collapse. Take a few stones from the staircase and it could be unusable, unable to help people move about the house.


The same thing can happen in our world. God has called each of us to live our lives on purpose… with purpose…. surrendered. Each of our gifts and callings fit together to build an amazing spiritual home. If I don’t do my part- what happens to the overall design of His home? How can we secure our stone in the exact spot God wants it and strengthen the overall design He created and planned?

Dear God, I want to be a strong living stone for you. Please help me to live a life surrendered to you. Help me find and nurture the gifts you have given me so I can be a stone, set in place, in your spiritual house. Guide me to seek and encourage others to stand confident in who they are and to help us all stand firmly in the place you have called us. Amen.

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